Milessa Murphy Stewart

Modern Impressionist

Driving 80 mph, when you see one of Milessa's paintings it will stop you in your tracks. I hope you have your seatbelt on! Her art creates visible thinking and encourages imagination. She mixes a dab of

fiction, maybe some facts, adds a bit of humor, and a lot of color.


Milessa creates "happy". Her paintings have a positive effect on people which inevitably makes life more enriching. They will make your soul dance! Happy walls make happy people. Her glass is not only 1/2 full, it is FULL! Full of Love, full of creativity, and full of "BS" (BS, of course meaning... Best of Standards!) Milessa's palette is made up of colorful and buttery oils like the ones used by the impressionists, Monet and Renoir, but her style is like Van Gogh. She paints in dreamy, playful, and visual style, keeping you entertained for your life and beyond.

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